Friday, July 2, 2010

Old Form vs. New Form? Guess Again!

          I was intrigued by the following observation made by a parish priest from England to explain resistance to the usus antiquior within parishes or in the Church. It comes from a Catholic Herald article entitled, “Why the Old Form thrives in my parish”, by Fr. Gary Dickson, parish priest at Sacred Heart and English Martyrs, Thornley, Co Durham:

“Some say the obstruction comes from bishops, but this is unfair. The problem seems to lie within the Church as a whole, being an aversion to formal, God-directed worship in favour of a liturgy that entertains with cheerful hymns, is undemanding to follow and casual in celebration. This aversion harbours resistance not only to Summorum Pontificum but even to the new translation of the New Form.”

What Fr. Dickson describes as “an aversion to formal, God-directed worship” cannot be so. I do not think it is fair to say that the faithful generally have opted deliberately or willfully for the casual. Good folks accept what is served to them and I do not think most believe they have any choice in the matter. Everyone I know who has encountered the sublime in worship is profoundly thankful and nurtures the hope for more.

          Father, you are doing well no doubt in your parish but your analysis sells short the genuine hunger for “formal, God-directed worship” which is out there. Back to the drawing board, please!

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Michel said...

But who is Father Dickson really referring to ? Is is really "the faithful" as you put it ?