Saturday, December 18, 2010

Light of the World

I just finished reading Light of the World, Peter Seewald's new book interview of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. I liked it very much and found it easy to read. It would be my hope that many people from all walks of life would read it. It is already available on Kindle.

There are three things which I take away from the book: 1) reassurance about my own understanding of the Church's moral message and of my understanding of the Holy Father's liturgical priorities; 2) admiration for Peter Seewald, who knows how to ask good questions: 3) knowledge of an address/location I can point to and direct folks who still are playing strange with this great Pope of ours.

Light of the World cannot be mined like the Catechism for answers on all sorts of topics. Nonetheless the book has authority and could very well busy a book club or a continuing education group of priests for almost as many sessions as the book has chapters. Very simply, I would double-dog dare anyone to pitch the facile news commentary which for the most part detracts from the truth of this little book and read the thing. The Holy Father's frankness/openness or simplicity is so engaging, I think it would probably "crack some of the tougher nuts" out there if they'd just read it.

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