Christmas Day 2006

Holy Family Sunday 2006

Epiphany 2007 Tender Words

Laetare 2007

Divine Mercy Sunday 2007

Trinity Sunday 2007

Summer Solstice 2007

November 2007 - Choose Life

2008 cultivating Responsiveness to vocational call

Attentiveness to the Lord

Pentecost 2008

Trinity Sunday 2008

Triumph of the Holy Cross 2008

Year of St. Paul 2008

2009 Proper Catechesis and Other Priorities

1st Sunday of Lent 2009

2nd Sunday of Lent 2009

Laetare Sunday 2009

Missionary Zeal

AEC Youth Rally

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2009

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2009

Triumph of the Cross 2009

Communion of Saints - 1 November 2009

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 2009

Powerful Quote from St. Ephrem the Syrian

Advent 2009 - Sunday Vespers Meditation

Baptism of the Lord 2010

Liturgy's Impact on the Call to the Priesthood

Silence and a Fruitful Lenten Observance

Laetare Sunday 2010

Passiontide 2010

Passion Sunday 2010

World Day of Prayer for Vocations 2010

Priest as Sanctifier

The Ascension 2010

Pentecost 2010

Priest as Guide

10th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2010

Importance of Family Context

To Receive Holy Communion Worthily

Vigil of the Assumption 2010

The Triumph of the Cross 2010

Our Lady of Sorrows

Wisdom's Part


32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 2010

Truth in Advertising? Not!

Advent 2010 - Law and Truth

Wilderness Experience

3rd Advent 2010

Health Care which is Catholic

Mary, The Mother of God


3rd Sunday - Repent!

Shepherds after Christ's Heart

Dignity of Human Life

Against Willfulness

Mediating God's Love

Christian Witness

Food from Scripture for Holy Week

Palm Sunday Challenge

Reclaiming Catholic Culture

Prayer for Vocations

Understanding a Vocation

Vocations Today