Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Church Teaching

Go here and view the press conference concerning Bishop Thomas Olmsted's decision to forbid a Phoenix hospital from calling itself Catholic.

This has to be one of the cleanest and clearest cases of the Church teaching I have ever experienced. Nobody is cracking skulls or shaking fists. We see a shepherd bowing before the sacred gift of human life and saying there is no other way to be Catholic but to protect the defenseless child.

Too many smoke screens go up and too many excuses are made for not taking seriously the Judgment Scene at the end of Matthew's Gospel. Blindness to the presence of the least of our brethren in our day certainly starts with a calloused neglect of that unborn who is also the Lord Jesus we need to do unto.

Pray for Bishop Olmsted and pray for all those of CHW who are in danger of losing more than their "C"!


Son of St. Philip said...

Very impressive and comforting to see a Pastor like this.

Dr.David said...

Thank you ArchBishop. Please forgive the silence of us as Catholic physicians. We should have been like the Baptist of Advent shouting the good news. We should have been the ones asking of the Bishop what he did in response to the Abortion in a Catholic hospital. Hopefully we will be there to lift him up as he deals with the media and society.